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We want to ensure our water will be available to our community in the future, and that it will remain clean and abundant to meet the needs of our grandchildren and future generations after them. Some Tribal communities apply the seventh-generation stewardship philosophy, considering the impact of the decisions we make today on the seven generations ahead. Our hope is to pass along to our children, water systems that are safer, more efficient and more environmentally friendly and reliable than those we inherited.

We can achieve these goals and help protect our water for future generations by developing a long-term plan for sustainability. The National Tribal Water Center is working to compile resources to support you in the development of a sustainable plan for your community. In the meantime, check out the plan developed by the Spokane Tribe of Indians: Long-term Planning for Sustainable Water and Wastewater Infrastructure in Wellpinit, Washington, as part of a Smart Growth Implementation Assistance project with the Environmental Protection Agency.