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Our Water toolkit provides education and action planning resources to American Indian and Alaska Native communities who manage and operate their own water systems. The toolkit aims to connect and support Tribes in their efforts to ensure sustainable access to safe water and maximize the health benefits of water and wastewater infrastructure.

The activities outlined within this toolkit are designed to be carried out by local Tribal staff and community members as they lead initiatives related to local water issues.

Interested in becoming a partner? Please contact National Tribal Water Center staff at 907-729-3635 for partnership opportunities.

Let us help. Here are some resources for:


Are you part of a household in a Tribal
community with concerns about or
improvement ideas for your local water
or water system?

Utility Staff

Are you a water or wastewater treatment
plant operator, maintenance worker or
support staff with concerns or goals for
your water system?

Local Leadership

Are you member of the city or tribal
administration, an IGAP worker or local
agency staff with concerns or goals
for your local water or water system?