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In this section, you will find resources for those who own and manage community water systems and are responsible for making decisions that will ensure long-term sustainability. Depending on the management model implemented in your community, the owner and manager of the water system may be the water utility itself, or may be the local Tribe or city administration.

You will also find resources for those who, regardless of their role in water system management, want to initiate outreach and educational programs that support water system sustainability and healthy water use. This includes guidance on community engagement, promoting behavior change, starting critical conversations and celebrating local water culture.

After you’ve reviewed the General Action Planning Resources, click on the Rapid Assessment button below for a printable checklist of tools that can be used to address your concerns.

If you have already identified the water concerns you are interested in, click on the specific concern from the complete list below. Both the checklist and list of concerns below are linked to the same resources for local leadership and government.