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Providing clean water and sanitation services to your community is not an easy task. This tremendous responsibility requires specialized technical knowledge, problem solving skills, motivation to serve and a good amount of patience. As a member of the water utility staff, it is essential that you are supported by your management and customers, and provided the proper training, compensation and materials to do your job. In this section, you will find resources that will connect you with training opportunities and technical assistance, along with help to address customer concerns while improving your ability to meet customer needs.

Some water utilities are self-managed, while others are managed by local leadership. The resources in this section are geared towards the operators and support staff working directly with the water/wastewater system. If you are part of a water utility that operates autonomously, managing your operations, please see the the Resources for Local Leadership for additional resources geared toward water system owners and managers.

After you’ve reviewed the General Action Planning Resources, click on the Rapid Assessment button below for a printable checklist of tools that can be used to address your concerns.

If you have already identified the water concerns you are interested in, click on the specific concern from the complete list below. Both the interactive checklist and list of concerns below are linked to the same resources for water utility staff.