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NTWC believes that the maximum health benefit of water and sanitation services is achieved when:

  • Water and sanitation services are available, accessible, and adequate
  • Services are properly operated and maintained so that they are safe and adequate and inspire the confidence of the end user
  • Water is used for practices that protect and promote health

NTWC partners with tribes in their effort to ensure their community has safe and sustainable water services through the following activities:

Tribal Capacity Building: We provide advanced training and technical assistance that equip and empower tribes to operate and maintain safe and sustainable water services.

Health Promotion: We promote healthy water-use behaviors through the development of education and outreach interventions using science, culture, art, and media.

Technology Improvement: We help guide the development and evaluation of new and existing technologies designed to insure they are appropriate, acceptable, and accessible.

Water Advocacy: We provide expert testimony and scientific data to inform policy decisions that increase access to safe and sustainable water services.

Advanced Engineering: We provide specialized engineering services for design and/or modification of water and sanitation systems tailored to the tribe’s unique water culture and needs.

Health Research: We conduct high quality practical research that documents the health impact of water services to inform tribal communities and influence water policy.

Interested in becoming a partner?  Please contact National Tribal Water Center staff at 907-729-3635 for partnership opportunities.