We strive to protect public health and water culture while preparing for future generations.
We partner with Tribes in Alaska and across the nation to help communities work towards
safe and sustainable water services.

Our Mission:

This mission of the National Tribal Water Center is to serve as a resource to maximize the
health and wellbeing of American Indian and Alaska Native people through water and
sanitation service.

Our Services:

Tribal Capacity Building: We provide training and technical assistance that equip an
empower Water Plant Operators and Tribal Utility employees to operate and maintain safe
and sustainable water services.

Health Promotion:

We promote healthy water-use behaviors through the development of
education and outreach utilizing science, culture, art and media.

Water Advocacy:

We provide expert testimony and scientific data to support policy
decisions that increase access to safe and sustainable water services.

Health Research:

We conduct high-quality practical research that documents the health
impact of water services to inform Tribal communities and influence water policy.