Recognizing Water Utility Staff

Water treatment plant operators and staff have a tremendous responsibility to provide safe and available water to their communities. Customers are often vocal and quick to complain when something goes wrong with the water or wastewater system, but sometimes less likely to express gratitude when everything is running smoothly. Take the time to acknowledge and celebrate your water treatment plant staff and let them know that their work is appreciated and valued.

Below are examples of ways to formally recognize water treatment plant operators and staff:

  • The Inter Tribal Council of Arizona (ITCA) recognizes a Tribal Operator of the Year. The deadline for nomination is the 31st of August and is open to all water/wastewater system operators in Indian Country. Check the ITCA Tribal Water Systems News page to catch the upcoming year’s nomination forms when they become available.
  • Alaska Rural Utility Collaborative (ARUC) Operator Recognition Calendar: The Alaska Rural Utility Collaborative, a utility management cooperative including 27 rural Alaskan communities, puts together a calendar recognizing 12 water treatment plant operators each year. Check out their Operator Recognition Form, which could be easily adapted to any region or method of acknowledgement.
  • The Indian Health Service (IHS) Utility/Operator Recognition Calendar: The Indian Health Service puts out a calendar each year recognizing exemplary utilities and outstanding operators from each IHS region. Contact your local IHS representative to find out how you can nominate your local operator or utility provider.
  • Take the opportunity to celebrate your community’s cultural ties to water through a project, such as the Water is Life mural project. Use one of the associated events to publicly acknowledge you water treatment plant operator. ​